Organizational-activity games as a method of conflict resolution

In our search for working methods in culture and cultural heritage, a significant place is occupied by studies of axiological, semantic foundations, techniques of reconstruction, and other professional directions, which help us better understand cultural phenomena. However, we all realize more and more now that culture is primarily a zone of social and even political interactions. Understanding that culture can be described as a process of transmitting and implementing norms, ideas, samples, and ideals in a specific historical situation. We know the intenseness and conflict of this sphere. What values and ideals should be and should not be transmitted? What norms and modi operandi should be implemented on the ground? These questions reside not so much in norms, values, and ideas, nor in their depth or aesthetic, substantial qualities, but rather in public dialogue and the coordination of perceptions of various groups.

Видео-курс: Игра в культуре, мышлении и практике

В последние сто лет игра перестала быть только объектом научного интереса. Сегодня она – форма восприятия и понимания мира, способ совместного овладения прошлым, настоящим и будущим. Понятия «игра» и «человек играющий» мы можем использовать, чтобы «схватить» и описать глубинные преобразования в Человеке, Культуре и Обществе.