A society of executives without masters and bosses

Communism has created a PR concept that is very popular and attractive. It incorporates the most attractive and effective slogans, appeals, and memes that communists have carefully selected from other ideological, philosophical systems and scientific theories. That is why communism is the second most successful PR project in human history after Christianity and the apostles’ teaching.
One of the main slogans of communism borrowed from its predecessors is a call for equality. Equality has been a human dream since the dawn of time, and it has driven humankind throughout history. I, too, am an advocate of equality for all people. But I make reservations. For example, “all human beings are equal before the law”! This is also how all humanistic concepts and ideologies relate to the idea of equality – there is always some caveat added: before the law; before God; equality by birth – all people are born free; equality of condition, etc.

Десоветизация: парадигматика и прагматика

Десоветизация – процесс содержательной и структурной трансформации института власти в обществе, означающий разоформление, деконструкцию, ликвидацию того типа организации институтов власти, который известен в истории как “советская власть”, и оформление, конструирование и установление иного типа института власти, например правового государства.